About Us

About Us

Slenergy Technology (A.H.) Co., Ltd. abbreviated as Slenergy, is dedicated to making the new energy industry more sustainable. We provide efficient, reliable, economic and convenient smart energy solutions and services for clients around the world.

Our core products include standardized solutions applicable for all scenarios (residential, C&I and utility-scale plant), PV inverter and hybrid inverter, BESS, smart junction box, portable battery and smart energy management system. As a visionary player in the new energy industry, we aim to upgrade the new energy sector with precision manufacturing standards and create rewarding products with innovative technologies.

We have a dynamic team that is passionate about science and technology and committed to excellence. With forward-looking development philosophies, we never stop exploring and innovating. With reliable and intelligently manufactured products, we present the value of light to more people. We believe it is light that will lead to energy independence and make a better environment. Together, for a brighter life.

Slenergy, easy energy, easy life.

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