Slenergy Partner Program

A Partner Program Designed with Your Profitability, and Growth as a main priority.

The Slenergy partner program provides comprehensive support to our partners, promoting mutual growth with a dynamic framework. Our program includes flexible solutions, sales enablement, and incentives. As a partner of Slenergy, we can collaborate to increase your profitability, bolster your competitive edge, and expand your knowledge and skills.

Why Partner with Slenergy?

Slenergy is a forward-looking company with a belief in constant innovation and exploration. Slenergy is dedicated to offering reliable and efficient whole-scene smart energy solutions through innovative design and intelligent manufacturing. Under the rapid expansion, we are seeking long-term and stable relationships with partners globally. Becoming our partners, we can collaborate to offer our valued customers high-quality products and excellent services.

Four pillars of Slenergy partner program

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Comprehensively meet customer needs and outperform competitors with our cutting-edge products & solutions. Our unique, modular and scalable product portfolio convinces customers, helps you to seize new opportunities and greatly simplifies engineering work.

Take advantage of our diverse training programs to help partners improve their professional knowledge and skills. From sales to installation and maintenance, partners have access to a variety of resources and training courses to support their program implementation.

Based on our comprehensive brand building strategy and market expansion layout, we serve our customers and win more sales opportunities through in-depth cooperation with multiple parties and joint marketing with partners.

Provide professional technical support and quick response. Partners can obtain support from local experts, as well as remote service support from online platform technical engineers and quick Q&A guides.



Financial Incentives

Comprehensive incentive program offers a range of benefits, including sales rebates, allowances, and rewards, to boost your business and achieve collective success.


Training & Competencies

Tailored training and competency enhancement span sales, pre-sales, technology, and services.


Partner Service Support

Service Support throughout the entire customer journey, from pre-sale to after-sales, to leverage your service capabilities to strengthen customer relationships, improve recurring revenue, and enhance business margins.


Marketing Support

A range of marketing strategies with tactics and resources in Co-marketing, Campaigns, and social marketing.


Start your journey with Slenergy Partner program today.

The Slenergy Partner Program makes it easier for partners to grow business with us. Working together, we can create new opportunities to increase revenue, customer base, and profit, while strengthening our strategic relationships with customers.

Training and capability

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